Entertainers to Set the Stage Alight at the AIA Great European Carnival

December 25, 2015

Hong Kong (22 December 2015) – The AIA Great European Carnival has a full schedule and wide variety of entertainment on offer throughout the daytime and evenings throughout the Christmas and New Year holiday period in Hong Kong.

Special performances during Christmas:

Christmas Eve, 24 December 2015


Carnival sponsor Letv will host a Christmas Eve Party and charity auction at the Carnival from 6:30pm. Talented Hong Kong local band ‘sp’ACE’ will be performing.

Christmas, 25 December 2015

Miriam Ma and Band

Miriam Ma studied music in Case Western Reserve and attended music programmes at the Cleveland Institute of Music in Ohio, USA. She started accumulating her singing and performing experience at the age of four when she began singing at the HK Children’s Choir where she performed extensively in Canada, America and China.

A multi-genre tri-lingual vocalist, Miriam can perform a wide range of repertoire; upon her return to Hong Kong in 2007, she has since sang in many private events and is an active live music performer in the local music scene.

Miriam was one of the Top 4 finalists in the famous singing competition “The Voice of China” (HK Region) in 2015. Her performances during the competition were well received by the audience as well as renowned producers such as Mark Lui and Pong Nan.

Boxing Day, 26 December 2015

“15 20” Band is an all-star band that started making an impact on the Hong Kong music scene this year. The distinguished members include

singer song-writer Jolie Chan, pianist/composer Ricky Wong, bassist Marcus Ho and drummer Nate Wong. Together, this celebrated team will bring their much anticipated unique blend of pop, electronic and jazz, made in Hong Kong to the Carnival.

New Year Eve, 31 December, 2015

The Phantastique Brothers will celebrate the crowd for 2016 arrival with music and games and of course, countdown!

In conjunction with ‘Seiko’ countdown timer

The Phantastique Brothers will act as ‘DJ’ playing Canto and English/international pop songs

Prime Position for the New Years fireworks

Regular Performances

Phantastique Fridays

An interactive stage show where the audience is invited to come onto the stage for various performances and competitions. In teams the audience will compete with each of the Brothers in the following games:

Wrap a Bro – First team to wrap a brother completely like a Christmas present wins

Hoopla a Bro – first team to throw hoops around their bro wins

Be a Bro – Teams need to dress one of their team members in a bro’s outfit

Tug of Bro – tug of war between two teams including one of the brothers

Teams members can win great prizes including fast track wrist bands; Plush toys, and up to 1000 tokens!  There are also Letv televisions to be given away each week!

One Man Band

Chris Collins performs as a One Man Band, playing a range of songs by creating unique rhythms and melodies from his guitar on a sound loop. His music genre is soft rock, blues and freestyle and expect to hear some popular bootlegs of Lenny Kravitz, Foster The People, U2, Imagine Dragons and more. Daily performances of 30 minutes.

Phantastique Bros Puppet Show

Based on traditional Punch n’ Judy Puppet shows, The Great European Carnival Puppet Show presents custom-made costumes of the carnival’s own hilarious Phantastique Brothers – Phileas, Phibeas and Phineas. Audiences including both children and parents are invited to interact with our fun-loving puppets who play a variety of active games in front of the Stage. Available every day.

Children Entertainers

Throughout the day there are a variety of impromptu appearances and performances by seasoned entertainers :

Phileas Phantastique interaction, magic and fun with one of our Brothers

‘Big Ben – The Funny Man’: an interactive comedy

‘Uncle Mike’: Traditional story-based magic show

Available every day

The Joy – Christmas Dancers

Joy’s Dancers compose of 10 talented dancers graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Joined by The Phantastique Brothers and snowmen, Joy’ s Dancers will perform a series of seasonal, funky, high-energy dance shows along with Rock and Roll on stage twice a day. Santa will lead the exciting crowd on a parade which is a perfect photo opportunity.

Entertainment is subject to changes.